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2015-2016 Rates

**only approved 4-stroke sleds can enter Yellowstone National Park
4-Stroke Models Price*

**Grand Touring LE 900 ACE

Electric Start

For the ultimate in touring luxury, the Ski-Doo Grand Touring LE has all the features and options you would expect to find. The 900 ACE engine, in the REV-XR chassis, is the perfect combination. Add rMotion rear suspension with the SilentDrive system, and you have a quiet snowmobile with less vibration, creating a ride that is comfortable for hours. On top of being one of cleanest, quietest, and most comfortable snowmobiles on the market, it also has hand & thumb warmers for the driver and passenger, extra-tall windshield, electric start, and reverse. Touring perfection!

$159/outside park $209/inside park

2-Stroke Models Price*

Polaris 550 Indy 144ES 144"

Electric Start

The new Polaris 550 Indy 144ES is a perfect choice if you're looking for a snowmobile that is comfortable on the trail, but also has the capability to perform well when you encounter those inviting powder fields. With electric start, hand and thumb warmers, and the 144" Cobra track, this snowmobile will satisfy your every desire. Legendary Performance. Simply Fun.


Grand Touring Sport 600 ACE

Electric Start-Single/Double

Looking for a great deal? Loaded with amenities, you will be consumed by the Grand Touring Sport's comfort, but not the price. The Rotax 600 ACE engine and SC-5 M rear suspension in the REV-XP chassis can handle the bumps and turns on the trail, but is also good for occasional off-trail riding. Amenities include hand and thumb warmers for the driver, electric start, and reverse.


Polaris 600 RMK

New for 2017, the 600 RMK 144" provides the perfect mix of on-trail performance, and off-trail powder riding. The IGX 144 rear suspension, coupled with the AXYS chassis, and a powerfull 600cc engine, will satisfy all of your snowmobiling desires. Features include PERC reverse, handlebar warmer, and thumb warmers.



Ski-Doo 850 Summit X E-TEC

Quite simply, the agile, powerful and effortless Ski-Doo Summit X is the beginning of a new era in mountain riding. A mountain sled has never been so resposive and agile, thanks to the combination of a new REV platform and Rotax 850 E-Tec engine. The most powerfull 2-stroke engine in the industry, it pumps out 165 hp, to a 154" track. Features include REP Reverse, handlebar warmers, thumb warmer, and T-Motion rear suspension.


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